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Little Sister - Merry Maker 340g (12oz)

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Roasted November 22


Tasting Notes: 
Citrus, Blueberry Tea Cocktail, Cocoa
Guji (Mulish) + Nensebo (Gora Kone)
800+ small scale outgrowers from both regions.
Mixed Heirloom
Natural (Mulish) & Washed (Gora Kone)

Notes from Little Sister:

There’s a memory you have - well, more of a feeling really - but it’s warm and light and filled with the giddy impatience of childhood.  Sure, you're a little older now, but that doesn’t mean savouring the moment comes any easier. Just brew a cup of Little Sister’s Merry Maker: taste the soft orange wrapped in warm lemony tea and dark liquor notes, and you’ll find the moment slows down all on its own.  Merry Maker makes moments merry!

Little Sister Merry Maker features two beautiful Ethiopian coffees.  A natural processed component comes from Mulish, the same washing station as our Golden Child Espresso - while the rest of the blend is rounded out by a washed coffee from the Gora Kone washing station in West Arsi- where coffees are fermented for 42 hours in tanks before being washed in water from the Nenesebo river and dried on raised beds for 12 days.